A quest for communication clarity and presentation excellence

I marvel at Deepak Chopra’s clarity and simplicity in explaining the ways in which we can uncomplicated our thinking, and be guided to our sense of true purpose. Possibly, it is because it has taken me so many years to learn this wisdom, including it in my “Self Actualisation and how we use our brain” workshop. Emotional Quotient shows us that “Thought – Intention – Purpose – Understanding – and Expectation” are powerful pointers for Image Intention and Body Language. But how many times do we focus on only one or two or a few words at a time, and fall short of our goal to ‘communicate with excellence’ and/or ‘Present an IMAGE that will make an IMPACT!’ Chopra points out that what we wish to ‘do,’ or ‘be’ needs to be supported in ‘spoken’ clear language CONNECTING our INTENTION and combine all these powerful actions to ensure the wanted results. By OMMITTING some of these impactful words in our consciousness we sell our self ‘short’ and the process we wish to manifest is ‘incomplete.’ As a result, we may find ourselves sometimes dealing with disappointment?

Holism is an important way to bring all positive actions and ways of being with understanding, and I feel strongly that it was part of the strong foundation of the recent success that we are all still revelling in!

The jubilation when our Springbok Champions brought home the World Cup was palpable, and made us all feel like Victors. The Leadership of Coach RASSIE ERASMUS working with THE TEAM and passing on his special brand of COMMUNICATION, worked by his nurturing the innate “leadership ability” of his brilliantly chosen Captain Kolisi. This result surely must have harnessed much THOUGHT, INTENTION, PURPOSE, UNDERSTANDING, and EXPECTATIONS – uniting ‘the team as one!’ The Media spoke Highly of Captain Siya Kolisi’s ability to communicate and they certainly weaved the MAGIC that Nelson Mandela forecasted, by confidently leading his Team to Victory.

It made us all feel like victors and so it should! This attitude that we are all VICTORS is a positive mind-set and approach to cherish and CREATE a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy.’ SO LET’S DO IT!!!! I have a great world cup offer and eight courses for you to choose from, each one relevant for what we are facing and dealing with right now! Thank you Bokke – thank you Rassie and thank you Siya Kolisi