my promise to you

Continuous Professional Development
With a solid television foundation of thirteen years with RTV/ZTV, and a further three years of further experience in South Africa, I had further opportunity on television, covering three high profile special events amongst other experiences.

After our move to South Africa, it was a natural progression to open my own business using my experience to improve the presentation and communication skills of management and staff in the political and corporate environments.

My methodology is experiential, interactive, holistic and visual, and all-inclusive with proven outcomes.

Workshops offer:
Individual camera sessions, which create and build a healthy confidence, whilst achieving professional presentations with clear, constructive communication.
A strong foundation of life skills is laid.
A journey, learning skills to connect ‘the dots’ which culminate in useful business management and personal self – actualisation.

Individuals who have completed courses/workshops:-

Have more awareness of their surroundings and what is happening out there.
Take responsibility with courage to step forward and ‘do it!’
Have a deeper understanding of accountability & responsibility
Obvious increased confidence.
Find they have a professional ‘voice’ which increases leadership abilities and so have a better chance to be a strong representative for both them-selves, and their company.
Develop an increased awareness of their authentic self.
Develop a healthy pride through accomplishment for the company, their team, and for the brand they represent.
Increases innovation, so expanding their awareness, implementing sustainable decision making and all forms of accurate communication.
Realising and putting to use important leadership and management skills.

Over the years and through my experiences I have developed and established seven workshops and talks, all highly relevant to the changing times we face.

I offer and have the ability to draw from my large basket of tools (collated from over twenty years of training experience) and furnish specific company needs.

AVP is able to tailor existing workshops and courses for individuals, and companies with tools to perform with excellence; the intent being ‘to Be the Best you can Be.’
Coaching is offered and seven courses to choose from, aimed at all levels.

Companies booking training on an on-going basis, receive preferential rates.

The word is not just a sound or written symbol. The word is a force,
it is the power you have to express and communicate,
to think and thereby to create the events of your life

Don Miguel Ruiz

AV Productions offers unusual, insightful, & visual ways of training individuals & teams. Corporate and Personal – Middle to Senior Management. Upon request, modules can be created or modified to suit your specific company requirements.