• Communications Training Specialist

    Adrienne Verney is a communications training specialist based in Cape Town and Trains Nationally

  • "The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

    James Humes

  • "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."

    Winston Churchill

About Adrienne Verney Productions

AV Productions offers unusual, insightful, & visual ways of training individuals & teams.


Authenticity is a strong ingredient to bring out yours and the team’s PASSION, PURPOSE AND PERMISSION TO SHINE
These are just a few ‘outcomes’ & the ‘promise’ from training with AV Productions.

Adrienne Verney

Owner – Creator – Trainer

Adrienne Verney is a producer, director, scriptwriter, corporate communication and training specialist.

Her training methods include self-examination, positive mind use, voice training, authentic projection, building strong self-belief, and decoding EQ.

She promotes self-awareness through extensive visuals, personal coaching with camera, audio/visual feedback and group audience feedback measure results and progress.


A brief outline of my courses


Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for the Effective Communication Workshop on the 8th & 9th April. Personally, I feel that it was one of the best workshops that I have ever attended, and I feel that the outcome exceeded my expectations.

Thanks Adrienne, your kinds words are highly appreciated and the training was immensely valuable.

You made a remarkable difference! Immediately the group started presenting with a confidence that was not present before.

Again I cannot thank you enough for the training you gave us. Your courses are more than just a training.

Thank you again for an interesting and valuable course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and have definitely taken learnings – to which I shall adhere!

The results were astounding. I was extremely proud of the of the teams presentations to the Directors & Senior management.

Adrienne’s methods are highly effective. I have constantly been amazed by the differences in the before and after training presentations.

Thank you for an awesome session which was thought provoking and interesting.

I cannot think that anyone can go through a career without being given the opportunity to being exposed to one or all of your courses.