The Question of Consciousness



An intrinsic feature of the natural world & a profound new vision of reality. Consciousness is real & the most mysterious phenomena ever encountered by science.

Adrian David Nelson

Upon reading more about Adrian David Nelson, I realised that I was looking at his statement above and perhaps seeing it in a whole new & different light to his?. My picture that was forming, with regards to CONSIOUSNESS, was taking me ‘down a different road.’

We are all endeavouring to survive the Corona 19 virus ‘fall out’ and the very few positives that are coming out of this pandemic, is that humanity is becoming enlightened to the fact that they are delving into their imaginations and creativity in order to survive the changes forced and do things differently . What did work before was now redundant, and micro business and SME’S are scratching their heads to bring about changes to survive; changes that we must make to save what was perceived to be working in an ‘old normal’ society and turn it into the NEW NORMAL and so “creating” and “re-imagining” out of necessity from this global situation taking place in various countries, nationalities and various job/work skills.

I see what is happening is a gradual ‘change in consciousness.’ Humanity is seeing things differently and starting to understand through a heightened consciousness, the necessity for change, and this is happening globally.

In today’s news from UK there was a statement that Prince William and a group of high profile Scientists, together with Sir Richard Attenborough are coming together as a committed group to bring about changes in how we treat our planet. They are dedicating a large amount of finance and ‘know how’ to clean it up and to stop the abuse of our natural resources, starting with the ‘strangle’ that plastic has on our Oceans and natural resources.

Kate and William’s leadership praised by former US president ‘making a real difference’ KATE, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William’s leadership has been praised for “making a real difference” to climate change.