COVID – 19

The world is in shock and lock down!

We cannot get away from it; we are self -isolating, and washing hands like never before.

This global war is of great concern to us all, and especially the elderly and the vulnerable which is finally making governments and businesses have to consider the GOOD OF THE COLLECTIVE.

I have always had a simple philosophy that “out of something bad always comes something good.” So I thought it time to ‘unpack’ this statement and try and look for the GOOD!

I think we are always on a treadmill, rushing here and there, and complaining about the price of petrol and diesel.

1) So thinking twice before getting into our cars, buses and taxis, could reduce much of the stress and car fumes, which has to be both good for individuals and our planet. They are saying that people are able to see the sky in China whereas before the air was clogged up with fumes from factories and production; in Venice the water ways are cleaner and clear for the first time, without so many people polluting them.
2) Creating an awareness that good hygiene is of utmost importance, hopefully will create far better future behaviour which has been sadly lacking in the past!
3) Consideration for people in various small and large businesses is becoming a factor, and governments and citizens are creating ways and means to better the opportunities to earn a living in a lockdown situation.
4) This brings me to my most favourite passions CREATIVITY AND COMMUNICATION!

We live in the digital age and the age of technology and so finally, businesses are trying out ways to keep the office, business, and staff in tact through this situation. So working at home is possibly the best way of ensuring staff keeps their jobs and that many businesses stays open.

Personally, I think this is a very good time to consider exploring and putting into practice, communication through Skype, Zoom, and cut out the travel and meetings that often go on far too long and waste a lot of precious time, and so dare I say that this could definitely become a great saver of “Time?”

Two of my most used courses is “Effective Communication & Presentation” and “Making an Impact” Training right now Can be ‘tweaked’, reduced and offered in a ‘mini’ format during this quiet time of ‘Lock down via On Line and Skype. Many important aspects could be shared to ensure that you are able to come across the digital ‘airwaves’ confident, and with good strong voice and positive body language, which incidentally is an incredibly important workshop that supports the possibilities of covering important points when a close up facial representation of you is what your clients and staff sees.

Take this time to brush up your digital presence by going on line and spending some time with me. Once things become a little more normal, you will be streets ahead of most by using this ‘lock down’ time to your own advantage!

I would love to work with you. Take care and do all the sensible things to remain clear of this ‘wicked’ virus and learn to communicate well during this “pause in time.”

Best wishes
Adrienne Verney Productions