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Adrienne Verney has had an exciting, different and strong ‘foundation’ in Media for her working career.

Her first fifteen years gave her incredibly wide experience in all forms of ‘presentation,’ mostly for television, but including the press and radio.

This offered an amazing opportunity for her to explore in-depth, generally how best to communicate which is essential in order to keep colleagues, the public or viewer both entertained and informed.

First time invitees, who were to appear and be interviewed on TV shows, found facing a camera terrifying. Knowing this, is where Adrienne has a special talent to make guests feel relaxed enough to be able to communicate comfortably with her, during an interview for live or recorded television. The camera generally creates ‘terror’ for those who feel that being captured ‘in perpetuity’ on film, is to have a record of their being IMPERFECT! This needs to be dealt with before there can be a flow of interesting communication.

The viewing public appreciates authenticity. And it is ‘human’ to ‘err’. Adrienne’s courses pass on many ‘nuggets’ of information; her gift being to put people at their ease. This ensures interesting communication happens between guest (or delegate being trained) so that the clear INTENTION to perform in a relaxed and safe ‘environment,’ will take place.

This ‘intention,’ ensures Adrienne’s PROMISE when training & dealing with nervous delegates. Each person is made aware of how important it is to honour and use their given strengths. She covers ‘voice usage’ and ‘body language’ and many important ‘life skills,’ ensuring you are fully prepared and have a strong sense of ‘purpose & confidence’ for the task at hand.

The public or audience expect to be entertained, so in order to be authentic when presenting or being interviewed, one simply needs to decide to use the information taught, and with this awareness to ‘be the best you can be.’ This insight clears the way for authenticity and works its way around the FEAR that most of us have, of being ‘caught out’ on camera, not being PERFECT enough!

It is our thinking that’s created our world, if we want to change our world,
we have to change the way we think!

Albert Einstein