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The Value of Mail is no more!

August 19th, 1996 – A date that marked a new beginning for our family. That was the day we landed for the first time in which would be our new home – Canada. I was 19 years old. In 1996, there was no social media. The Internet was just a couple years old. Most people’s […]

The power of Meaningful Communication

Change one word and you change your emotional psychological and even physical response to a situation. The very essence of what it means to become a conscious person begins with examining the content of yours and others vocabulary and its power to shape, define and order your inner and outer universe. What words need changing […]

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

SO IN RETROSPECT, IN 2015, NOT A SINGLE PERSON GOT THE ANSWER RIGHT TO “WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF 5 YEARS FROM NOW?” A whole new language has evolved since the dreaded news that the globe was waging a war against a virus called Covid 19. Before that fateful day, we had no need for […]

A new form of Communication…Lockdown Communication!

I would like to say how impressive our President has been for showing his leadership, speedy action, and his commitment to keeping South Africa informed of what is taking place during such unprecedented times. Last night we heard that there will be possible level 4 Lockdown at the end of this month, depending on the […]

COVID – 19

The world is in shock and lock down! We cannot get away from it; we are self -isolating, and washing hands like never before. This global war is of great concern to us all, and especially the elderly and the vulnerable which is finally making governments and businesses have to consider the GOOD OF THE […]

The Planet could do with some Creativity and Innovation ?

Fires burning in Canberra South & over 40 degrees during the day! Another shocking reality of climate change! So what is to be done? The Planet could do with some Creativity and Innovation ? CREATIVITY is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual. INNOVATION is the implementation of something new. INVENTION is […]

Making the world more beautiful…

A SPECIAL KIND OF COMMUNICATION MAKING THE WORLD MORE BEAUTIFUL AND GAINING APPRECIATION WHILE DOING SO! Enjoy this video of a remarkable man who has the ability to connect & communicate through his music with his Feline Friends. They are rescued cats, needing healing and a home, of which he has done both… Taking some […]

Oh my Gosh – That is exactly how I felt!

Animals and children have such wonderfully obvious and vivid ways of indicating how they are feeling at any given time. I AM SURE we have all gone through the same emotions as this ‘Kitty’ and know what it is like to face challenges, especially those we have all faced in the past few years! With […]

The wonderful language that our body speaks!

Quite a few people adjust their reading glasses with their middle finger; however, the fascinating reality is that the sub-conscious indicator may be an insight into the realm of their unconscious thought, which culminates in this sub-conscious action! Often our sub-conscious mind will be far more in touch with what is actually taking place. We […]

A quest for communication clarity and presentation excellence

I marvel at Deepak Chopra’s clarity and simplicity in explaining the ways in which we can uncomplicated our thinking, and be guided to our sense of true purpose. Possibly, it is because it has taken me so many years to learn this wisdom, including it in my “Self Actualisation and how we use our brain” […]