The wonderful language that our body speaks!

Quite a few people adjust their reading glasses with their middle finger; however, the fascinating reality is that the sub-conscious indicator may be an insight into the realm of their unconscious thought, which culminates in this sub-conscious action!

Often our sub-conscious mind will be far more in touch with what is actually taking place. We call this intuition, and with this we often make “judgements” or decisions, without consciously knowing why we have done so.

What is really going on inside one’s thinking, is a clever indicator and will one way or another show the inner beliefs and thoughts of a person. A mother will tune into the body language of her new baby and intuit the needs and wants of her new born child.

Illustrators are non-verbal movements that accompany and illustrate verbal communication. They are linked to speech and can be used to emphasise a word or a phrase, indicate relationships, or draw a picture in the air, pace an event, and impose a rhythm on the spoken word. Although usually made with hands and arms, any sort of body movement which plays a role in verbal communication, can be described as an illustrator.

So, let me see… One has to be careful not to judge or read this explicit language inaccurately. Therefore, how do we read the clue given by Sir James Eadie, distinguished Council for HM Government as he stands before his attentive audience, showing his middle finger? Perhaps he is just “adjusting his glasses” or NOT?