Communication, Image and Intentions

Boris Johnson has been at no: 10 Downing Street now for the past few weeks, and the world watches his actions and communication with close scrutiny. He certainly has a different COMMUNICATION style and already has a reputation and image for being outspoken. We wait and watch as he settles into his new office.

This newly elected Prime Minister reminded me of a previous Prime Minister who was a casualty of his thoughtless communication, and instead of saying too little he said too much! To have been in the public eye for so long, Gordon Brown managed to “shoot himself in the foot” by forgetting that he had a microphone on in the car having been talking to a group of people in a constituency. He muttered those ‘fateful words’ (about a woman who had confronted him) for which he had to publicly apologise.

If that was not enough, within a few hours, he again set himself up ‘to fail,’ during a radio interview. His dejected body language spoke volumes as he tried ‘on air’ to further extricate him-self from the recent mishap and was not conscious enough to realise that a camera had been set up in the radio station and was also visually being recorded.

He sat slumped over the microphone holding his head in his hands, whilst trying to explain what had ‘actually’ taken place and what he ‘actually’ meant. The ‘words he could not take back’, and his image now so tarnished by this second media footage, resulted in his resignation from the position as head of his party, and as prime minister of Great Britain.
So be warned Boris, pay attention to your COMMUNICATION, IMAGE AND INTENTIONS!